10 Facts of Road To Final UCL 2010/2011 : Barcelona Vs Man. United

Football Zone - Road To Final Champions League Final 2010/11 : 10 Interesting Facts Matches Coming to Barcelona vs. Manchester United. The final match Champions League this season will bring together the two most favorite League champion on the European continent, namely Manchester United as Premier League champions 2010/11 against Barcelona, ​​the champions of La Liga 2010/11. Match both teams will be held at Wembley Stadium, England on May 28.

Barcelona made it to the top of the party after the successful defeat his eternal rival in Spain, Real Madrid. While Manchester United's success a surprise stop the Bundesliga club, Schalke 04.

Various predictions directly decorate a variety of media ahead of this summer duel. Well, there's nothing wrong we listened to 10 interesting facts that occurred in two well-established European clubs.

1. Both Barcelona and Manchester United have three times won the Champions League. And who's the winner of the final duel will be the team that lost through the incision in the list of top clubs to be champions.

2. Wembley Stadium, which has 5 times the Champions League final held to be the place where Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola has lifted the Champions League trophy when he was named the European Cup, 19 years ago. At that time, Barcelona beat Sampdoria 1-0 in the final.

3. Lionel Messi is currently leading the list of top-notch score Champions League with 11 goals. The attacker is superior Blaugrana top score seven goals from Javier MU 'Chicharito' Hernandez.

4. Messi also came as a player the most accurate shooting. Argentine attacker is doing 31 shots toward the goal. Note that two times more with Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney's record is only capable of 15 times fired shots toward the goal.

5. Not only that, Messi is also the player most widely violated in the highest European competitions this. Massey violated 30 times in 12 games versus the dilakoninya. While in camp MU, Luis Nani most widely violated by 21 times.

6. Barca and Manchester United come into the final with impressive statistics. Barcelona became the most good teams in control of the ball with 62 percent. Meanwhile, MU ranked second with 58 percent.

7. Barcelona became the top scoring team in the Champions League this season to score 27 goals. While the Red Devil scored 25 goals.

8. Barcelona with Real Madrid was the team's most spread threats with a total of 86 times shot toward the goal. While Manchester United and Schalke 04 was ranked third with 68 shots toward the goal.

9. Manchester United have never collected a red card this season. While in camp there Barcelona reserve goalkeeper Pinto makes chaotic when Barcelona met Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

10. Barcelona conceded only eight goals in 12 games this season. But more impressive MU record with only conceded four goals, two times less than the Blaugrana.

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tonight, barcelona can beated MU,, i believe ,, 5-0, :D


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