1986, Fergie Almost Moor to Highbury

MANCHESTER - The pembesut Red Devils, Sir Alex Ferguson, said they had offered the job and almost joined Arsenal. If only the Gunners could be patient a little wait for Sir Alex, surely Manchester United would not be as successful as this, and Fergie, Ferguson familiar greeting, would not be a legend at Old Trafford.

Arsenal before starting the 1986-1987 season looking for a new coach to replace Don Howe and at that time, management was impressed with Fergie who was caring for the Scottish national team. Heard an offer from Arsenal, then of course Fergie has never been out of the country William Wallace was drawn to Highbury and would like to invite and his assistant, Walter Smith.

But Fergie is still focused on persiapam squad ahead of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Though Arsenal need it immediately to build a foundation team next season and will not be offered a second bid

But Fergie remains at its founding, that he was only going to Highbury after his job at the World Cup final. The decision ultimately, Arsenal did not bring Fergie to North London for not wait to build Arsenal.

"I had a discussion with Walter about Arsenal bid and ask his opinion. He was positive with it considering Arsenal are a great team, "Fergie recalls as reported by Goal.com on Wednesday (11/05/2011).

"So I told him 'do you want to come with me?' Then a moment he said that he had signed a contract with Glasgow Rangers.

"The problem with Arsenal's offer, they wanted me to immediately answer the bid and I can not because I'm going to Mexico to accompany Scotland at the 1986 World Cup.

"It makes Arsenal immediately withdraw the offer. Walter off to Rangers and a month later I went to Manchester, "added Sir Alex.

End of story, Arsenal's search for another successor, George Graham, who eventually gush Meriam London team. Meanwhile, Sir Alex till now the oldest coach in charge of a club in England, offered a variety of titles for Manchester United.

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