6 Riau's Player of the trafficked AC Milan Junior

Football Zone - AC Milan through PT Asia Sport Develovment (ASD) today to crawl to the hundreds of children in Riau to be able to achieve a dream to play football at AC Milan Junior Academy.

"We have kids who signed up about 500 people. They will go through the process of netting in Pekanbaru for two days. From them we will take as many as 60 people are talented," Eksekutiv ASD Vice President Reza Abdilah a news conference in Pekanbaru on Saturday (14 / 5 / 2011).

Talent scout from Milan Junior Camp & Indonesia 2011 All Star Team Challenge is to find children who mempunnyai good talent. Participants from ages 10 -16 years. That could come from the school ball as well as from a player who has the ball skills in a self-taught.

The program aims to find 60 players in ten major cities selected included Pekanbaru. These young players will be back following the Milan Junior Camp in Bali for two weeks.

"From 60 young players who are selected later, will only have 18 players that will best international tournament mengukiti AC Milan at San Poalo Intesa, Italy in September or October," he added.

"While in Pekanbaru we will begin today and tomorrow in the field of Riau Islamic University Campus (UIR). The first one on the net is next is the physical ability and skill. Who netted the future is the best, "added Mursain selectors of the team from the University of Negri Jakarta.

In the journey, Indonesia All Star Team has won first prize in the prestigious football competition in Intesa San Poalo which was attended by 30 countries.

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