Admit Dalgish, United Wonder So Champion

Football Zone - Kenny Dalglish resigned to see Manchester United win the Premier League for the 19th time. According to the architect of Liverpool, the Red Devils did perform better.

Yes, from the first train the Red Devils in November 1986, Ferguson was ambitious to want to skip the acquisition of Liverpool's title. Result, the Scot has just contributed his 12th title at the same time bring United drew number 19 on the season.

Dalglish himself ambitious to bring Liverpool back to life on next season. But wisely, nicknamed King Kenny's coach, acknowledged the greatness of the rivals. "We create our own standards," I Dalglish.

"We have to match the performance with a team that is obviously better than us. How do you do? Look at the position in the Premier League," added the former Liverpool star was reported by Tribalfootball, Sunday (15/05/2011).

This season, Liverpool's achievement was less glorious. Steven Gerrard et al had to settle for fifth ranked standings. The Reds were behind the champions United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City.

"I think we were beaten by three teams from the Big Four this season and that is the standard that we must fix, if Liverpool want to succeed next season. We have to match the level of the game from a successful team this season," he said.

However, Dalglish's squad this position can be displaced by Tottenham Hotspur, who would be opposed to the Reds in the Premier League continued at Anfield Stadium, tonight.

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