Allegri: Backup Ibrahim Right Decision

MILAN, Italy - Massimiliano Allegri feel membangkucadangkan decision in AC Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic face Palermo in the Coppa Italia semi-final second game was very precise, so now there is no longer a worthy question.

Rossoneri's 2-1 defeat on the occasion of the Rosaneri. Thus the ambition of the new champion reconcile two Serie A titles in the aggregate vanished because they also lost 4-3, so no right to advance to the top of the party.

Top of bad luck that a number of parties rather regret the decision Allegri who choose not to reduce Ibrahimovic from the beginning. They think the bomber from Sweden could gain more than one goal if given more chance to appear.

In response Allegri tried to defend himself. He pointed out the main reason for fitness into consideration its decision at that time. Ibrahim is known to still recovering injury he got when appearing to face AS Roma last weekend.

"Ibrahimovic had a different character with Alexandre Pato and Robinho. I also do not want to take a risk with too much force it appears, "said Allegri as disitat Goal, on Wednesday (11/05/2011).

Regarding the poor results achieved by his team, the former Cagliari coach refused to blame the players. He saw the luck factor has a big role for the failure Il Diavolo.

"We had chances early in the game through Robinho and Clarance Seedorf. I think the formation is supposed to Milan can win, but I will not criticize players. Palermo just wait while we could not score. Milan is also out of luck because Ibrahimovic's double-kick hit the pole in 15 minutes, "he concluded.

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