Ancelotti backs Terry 100% Survived

LONDON - The arrival of Carlo Ancelotti's time to reap praise for bringing a double winner at the start of the season. Now it is inversely proportional to, where Chelsea have to be willing to close the season without any titles.

This feels so contrast for fans of Chelsea, and consequently make the Italian coach gets a lot of pressure. Despite getting less satisfactory results, the Blues captain John Terry seems to still provide support for Ancelotti.

"He got full support from me. I love Carlo. We won the doubles title in his first year and this year, injuries and selling players become difficult for him, "said Terry as disitat from ESPN on Thursday (05/12/2011).

Many people are comparing the performance of Don Carletto with his predecessor, Jose Mourinho. According to the captain, very unfair to distinguish between them because the situation is lived differently.

"When Mourinho was here, we have a full squad, but we lost it. Something in between our existence and what we have would be ideal, "he added.

Chelsea had started the season with harvest goals, but had collapsed because of storm injury. After the resurrection, they had stuck to the top standings. Manchester United. But finally, the Blues ran aground last weekend and now sit in second place with 70 points.

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