Argentina vs Paraguay Match Results. (Friendly Match)

Football Zone - Argentina vs Paraguay Match Results. Argentina beat Paraguay in a trial match ahead of team preparation towards the Copa America 2011. Tango team beat his guest with a landslide score 4-2.

Compete in Resistencia, Buenos Aires, Thursday, May 26, 2011, pm dawn, the two teams were both lower the majority of players comes from the competition in their respective countries. For Argentina, it is basically a third-tier team.

Just nine minutes of the game running, Hauche who played for Racing Club has made ​​Argentina the lead. Respond by Pablo Zeballos of Paraguay in the 14th minute.

Argentina Argentina excellence then recover the ball after a successful outcome Diego Valeri free kick into the Paraguay goal.

The advantages are magnified by Hauche Argentina makes his second goal in the game a minute before time down Agent SBOBET drinking.

Paraguay could turn out to be discouraged after diluting 2-3 through goals Elvis Marecos header. But Enzo Perez scored in the 74th minute denying the resurrection of Paraguay.

After facing Paraguay, called Reuters, next month's tour of Argentina is scheduled to undergo face Nigeria and Poland, to determine the composition of the team for the Copa America.

The victory is a capital good for Argentina's squad ahead of the Copa America, July. Although the match was not strengthened the players who performed in Europe, it can generate positive results morale to face the championship team who happened to Tango will take place in Argentina.

Video Argentina vs Paraguay match results can be seen in Soccer Video.

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