Bastos Fate Determined After Last Match

Football Zone - Michel Bastos likely to flee from Olympique Lyon end of the season. But according to the agent's certainty of his client's fate only be known after the Los Gones completed the entire game this season.

"The agreement with the Lyon, we chose not to discuss the fate Bastos until 29 May. He must concentrate until the season is really over,"said the agent was quoted as saying Emmanuel De Kerchove Goal, Tuesday (17/05/2011).

Bastos later it was widely reported will soon leave. The club is said to be a candidate for his new career later port is Juventus.

Recently, the Brazilian player also has expressed his desire to wear uniforms soon Bianconeri. Even he confessed willingly come on board to Turin club, although with so he should lose the opportunity to compete in the European stage.

Juventus themselves are in desperate need of services Bastos. The club was nicknamed 'Old Lady' is known still have not found a fitting retainer to patch the hole on the left side of defense.

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