Bush and Hughes : Face Resemblance

Football zone -My post this time did not involve the video clip as usual.But keep talking about the person from the football circle. This results of my observation since long before. I don't know whether I the only person who paid attention to this. But for heart relief, I wrote, although rather late. This concerning the equality of the face between famous people. George Walker Bush, the former United States president that on January 20 2009 just hand over the leadership to Barack Hussein Obama Jr, was observed by me having the similarity of the face with one of the legendary players Manchester United (MU), Mark Hughes. George W. Bush the president from the Party of the Republic that was born in New Haven, Connecticut, United States on July 6 1946 became American President for 2 period, January 20 2001 to January 20 2009. He was the 43rd United States President that on the end of his period leaving the task was very difficult to his continuer, Obama, the economic crisis that was protracted resulting from the war. Whereas Hughes that has the full name Leslie Mark Hughes now was the EPL club coach, Manchester City. Born in Ruabon,Wrexham,Wales on November 1 1963, had a position as striker.Played in MU twice, 1980-86 and 1988-95, played 467 matches scored 163 goals. He played in Barcelona and Bayern Munich,1986-1988, afterwards continued the career in many clubs, that is Chelsea,Southampton,Everton and Blackburn Rovers. That unique thing of Hughes was to have become the national coach for his country, Wales, when he still was active as the player in Southampton,Everton and Rovers period 1999-2004. That was the matter that had not been experienced by the other player (? ).

I don't why, from various corners of Bush and Hughes very much was similar. The eye, the smile, nature, until the hair cut. Maybe only their spoke accents were different. Bush with the cowboy's Texan accent, while Hughes with British English that was elegant. How the readers comment? Similar to or not similar? My opinion possibly was different of the readers. But another time I will observe again people that related to sport that had the face resemblance.

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