Butt Playing for Manchester United Again

MANCHESTER - It seems to happen when the game farewell reunion at Gary Neville. It turned out that the former Manchester United right-back has been invited his colleagues to contribute to the event, not least Nicky Butt.

One player who certainly present at that special moment is Nicky Butt. This midfielder is one of the personnel 'Class of 92' formed by Sir Alex Ferguson, who spawned the great young talents to United.

"When Gary asked me to play in matches, I immediately agreed, mainly because I heard other colleagues from the 'Class of 92' will be there too," said Butt as disitat from Tribalfootball, Wednesday (11/05/2011) .

Is certainly very special moment for Butt who is now defending the club South China. Not only that, the younger brother Gary, Phil Neville are also certain to come back after leaving six years ago to Everton.

"I am very pleased to be returning to Old Trafford to celebrate a special night for my brother. This will be an emotional night for the whole family, really suitable for Gary to close his career is fantastic, "added the captain of The Toffees.

Gary Neville is Manchester United's academy educated person, so not surprisingly, he invited former colleagues during his youth. After nearly 20 years of playing for United, he decided to retire on 2 February.

As a tribute to service one of these best players, Manchester United held a farewell match. Juventus became the team is selected as the opponent, and will fight at Old Trafford on May 24, 2011.

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