City Confident beyond Arsenal

MANCHESTER - Set the last zone tickets Champions, Manchester City's fleet of more motivated, especially menggadang-gadang they will take home the FA Cup to Eastland.

In the league itself, the City is perched comfortably in the ranks to where glanced up and intend to displace Arsenal ranks third in the standings. With the third place, the club did not care Roberto Mancini must live qualifiers later.

Optimism was revealed. Joe Hart and Vincent Kompany who is two of the entire squad Mancio, Mancini familiar greeting to motivate his colleagues to take advantage of match-last game this season for the Gunners Arsenal's ouster.

"With two games remaining, we hunt for third place at the end of the season," Hart said on Sky Sports.

Vincent Kompany also said the chances of his club. But with the rise of Tottenham vigilance which he still could threaten their current position.

"Not really sure we will enter the Champions League. We must maximize the party msih last in the league, "added Kompany as on alert Wednesday (11/05/2011).

"We also watched the Spurs, they still must face tough fight-fight. But we also must focus on the fight-fight us. Why not catch Arsenal? We feel that Arsenal will lose the number again and we are confident to win six points again. We only left two points from Arsenal, and we will keep concentrating, "said Kompany.

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