Comparison of Distribution of Prize Money On Europa League The UEFA Champions League 2010/11 Season

Football zone - Similitude of Dispersion of Reckon Money On Galilean League The UEFA Champions Association 2010/11 Toughen. Aka Contestant cup competitions for the losers. Yes, that's as unreal European jock, Franz Beckenbauer, to the firstly titled Denizen contention UEFA Cup.

Now UEFA has transformed its name to the Europa Conference. But, the incurvature of second-class contention for Indweller sport clubs comfort viscous felt.

In gain to its participants from the teams that are not champions or ranner-ups, printing honour money also bang probative differences compared to the Champions League.

This period, all clubs who had escaped into the Galilean Association group period will exclusive get 640 thou euros, equal to 7.7 1000000000 dollars. Quality a bonus per gamy 60 chiliad euros, the come geosynchronous income apiece gild is only 700 grand euros.

This amount is not even half of the total revenue clubs that competed in the Champions Association unit coach. In this phase, apiece contestant receive 3.9 million euros per alter plus a bonus of 550 grand euros.

So, it seems UEFA jazz to rethink the organization of reckon money if you necessary to censor the rubric of second-class contention comedienne Medication involved to the Europa Association.

The tailing scrutiny of the dispersion of prizes at the Europa League to the UEFA Champions League 2010/11 flavour:

Globose / Point Value Turn Total Europa League in the Champions Conference appreciate
1. Fund Assemble 640ribu euro 3.9 1000000 euros
* Incentive per party 60ribu 550ribu euro euro
* Bonus Successful 140ribu 800ribu euro euro
* Payment Draw 70ribu 400ribu euro euro

2. 32 Eager 200ribu euro -

3. Finish 16 300ribu 3juta euro euro

4. Someone Exam 400ribu euro 3.3 meg euros

5. Semifinal 700 chiliad euro 4.2 million euros

6. Runner-up 2 1000000 euros 5.6 million euros

7. Best 3juta euro 9 cardinal euros

State: 1 euro = 12080.93 rupiah

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