C.Ronaldo equal the record's best player in La Liga

Football Zone - Compliments flow to the bomber mainstay of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo. No wonder, after membukukkan scored his 38th, CR7 getting closer to break the record as a striker in La Liga tersubur of all time.

Two goals from Ronaldo's 3-1 win at Villarreal last night, matching notch Hugo Sanchez (1989/90) and former Athletic Bilbao striker Telmo Zarraonandia, or Zarra (1950/51).

Ronaldo had previously been under Lionel Messi, but nine goals in three games last catapulted him as top scorer of La Liga, with 38 goals.
Overall, Ronaldo 51 goals in the pack this season, including six goals in the Champions League and seven goals in the Spanish Cup.

Indeed be a trigger factor of the spirit squad helped Los Blancos.Mereka Ronaldo through the record.

"Three points will not be influential for us, but there is another factor in this match as an opportunity to match Ronaldo's record of goals in La Liga history," said assistant coach Madrid, Aitor Karanka, Realmadrid.com quoted as saying on Monday (16/05/2011) .

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