Diego & Ruben Language Difficulties

BATUJAJAR - Two foreign players who would follow the national team selection (national team) SEA Games in 2011 in Indonesian language difficulties. The two Dutch players namely Ruben and Diego Michiels Wuarbanaran who participated in the Formation of Character Gold Indonesia Programme Implementation Units (Satlat Prima) in the Education Center Kopassus (Pusdikpassus), Batujajar, West Bandung regency, still must be accompanied by a translator.

According to Dada as well as a translator for the second Sergeant Ruben and Diego, there are constraints in the language when presenting material to both. "We try to translate from English into Indonesian. I was accompanying them both, "said Dadang to Saturday (14/05/2011).

But Dada ensure that the Dutch duo are willing to accept all materials tailored to the program Satlak Prima. "They are responsive and have the creativity to cooperate. Last night they learned the song sudha Indonesia Raya. Within three hours they accompanied me to sing the national anthem, "he explained.

In addition, further Dadang said, the players who will follow the national team selection in June taught yells to boost unity among fellow players. Currently, foreign players continues trained with materials that aims to foster a sense of nationalism.

On the chance to see both in Batujajar, Ruben and Diego get a "test" to sing Indonesia Raya. It appears they still carry a small note. Then the squad commander ordered them to sing the song that introduced by the composer's Wage Rudolf Soepratman. Almost certainly sang well, though his voice sounded less precise.

However, both received applus from fellow members of the SEA Games squad for the effort to sing the national anthem.

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