Eden Hazard to Giuseppe Meazza?

MILAN - Massimo Morattibegan arrive on the figure of Eden Hazard . Inter Milan owner of this club also claim to be interested and intend memboyongnya to the Giuseppe Meazza.

Hazard, Belgium's young player of origin has seized the attention of Europe's elite teams with slick appearance bersala Lille shown throughout this season. Manchester United became one of the distant days of clubs have expressed interest to the player who was just 20 years.

However, United's ambition to bring Hazard to Old Trafford would seem difficult to be realized. Because the latest rumors mention Hazard more interested to graze in the Serie A. This news was immediately received a positive response from Moratti who is looking for quality young players to add strength in the next season.

"We are not already on the negotiating position to obtain Hazard, but he is clearly a very interesting player for us. My son always told me that we should do the movement to get it, "said Moratti was quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport on Saturday (14/05/2011).

"We speak our target on the stock transfer, the hazard may be more suited to the policy rather than other players like Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal), a player who is equally good," he added as he confirmed that his party is also interested in bringing home to Italy's Rossi.

To be able to get Hazard, Inter are expected to spend enough. Moratti reportedly have set aside no less than 20 million euros to bring the lively winger who is still under contract with Lille until 2015.

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