Evra Claims No Better Team from United

MANCHESTER - Manchester United full-back Patrice Evra full confidence that his team is the best in the Premier League scene. Confidence is what makes Evra reluctant to turn to another club.

United's lead this season with a less smooth due to frequent start ups and downs. However, of all the contestants in the Premier League this season, the Red Devils successfully registered themselves as the best.

Status of this (the best team in England) will be officially attached when United face Blackburn Rovers tonight. When able to achieve victory or at least a draw at Ewood Park, Sir Alex Ferguson's squad certainly emerge as the only team that won 19 championship titles. Liverpool beat United's success which has 18 championship trophy.

"I remember, once told you to pay the musicians (to celebrate kesuksean Unted) at the end of the season," said Evra told MUTV on Saturday (05/14/2011).

"I'm sure of that. I'm not saying this just because you want to look good in the newspaper. I talk like this because it believes that, "said Evra as he asserted that since the beginning of the season he was confident his team will keluat as champion.

"I am very sure, no other team better than us this season. Now, it will be immediately evident, when we beat Blackburn (or draw), we will be champions, "added the French national team defender.

"I am not surprised by this, because I always believe that we are the best," said former U.S. binyang Monaco.

In the last few seasons, the name Evra was crowded ogled elite European teams. Real Madrid to be one team that had expressed interest to Evra last season. Unfortunately, Los Blancos will not get a response from Evra who instead chose to show their loyalty with Manchester United.

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