Evra: I'm waiting for you in Manchester United Nasri

Football Zone - Patrice Evra seems to crave Samir Nasri to play a team with him. That's what makes the French defender was persuaded kompatriotnya in the national team to join Manchester United.

Samir Nasri is already showing an impressive performance when Arsenal defend. Evra is known ability Nasri did not resist the seduction to ask the young French midfielder joined the team.

"I am not aware of the interest (from United to Nasri). However he must realize there is no room for one here when he decided to join United, "said Evra as disitat of Goal, on Wednesday (25/05/2011).

"Every year you play to win the trophy. This is the culture at Manchester United. You can guarantee to win something here. Little Prince (nickname Nasri), if you want to be king, you know where to go, "he said.

Negotiation of new contracts undertaken by Samir Nasri to Arsenal is being jammed. Inevitably this opportunity ole Evra used to seduce the player who has played 30 times this season for the Gunners.

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