Exactly, KBP Passed GT & AP

JAKARTA - The decision of the Commission of Appeals (KB) who passed a couple George Toisutta (GT) and Arifin Panigoro (AP) is considered appropriate. This statement was delivered by a spokesman for GT and AP, Halim Mahfudz.

Please note, in a press conference held this afternoon PSSI Secretariat office, Senayan, Jakarta, KBP finally passed a GT and AP to get ahead in the stock candidate peridoe PSSI chairman from 2011 to 2015. Previously, the two couples were not allowed to advance by the Normalization Committee and FIFA.

But the decision was considered very appropriate by Mahfudz the judge, there is no legal basis for FIFA to ban both advanced. "I think this is the right decision. It is not the reason FIFA to ban both forward because there is no legal basis, "he said in an interview in short Mahfudz to okezone via telephone. Thursday (05/12/2011)

According to him, is final and binding decision of the Appeal Committee. Normalization Committee and FIFA can not even disrupt the final. In addition, Mahfudz added that both partners are not involved prospective criminal.

Not only that, Mahfudz also said that if Fifa gives sanction to the PSSI, it means they have violated the standards of their own statutes. "FIFA should be wise to see. What reason? FIFA Appeal Committee could not intervene, "said Mahfudz.

via okezone

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