Fabregas: Barca UEFA Champions League Winner

Football Zone - Although not yet in uniform Barcelona, Cesc Fabregas is already sponsor his old club in the Champions League final later. According to him, with the game ball possession as applied Lionel Messi et al will break Manchester United's defense.

Fabregas who continue reportedly will return to Camp Nou, also warned of possible negative tactic applied to Sir Alex Ferguson to face the onslaught of dikreasi Xavi Hernandez, will not work.

According to him, negative football game would not work to stem the Azulgrana team like that always dominate the ball and play possession triangle between Xavi, Messi and Iniesta. Look at Barca beaten Madrid in the Bernabeu and failed to respond when competing in the Cam Nou. United should have learned from the failure of Madrid.

"United always survive with eight or nine players behind the ball and take advantage of counter-attack," he said as quoted Dailyistar.co.uk, Tuesday (05/17/2011).

"If United can not control the ball as he had always done Messi and Villa, certainly will be very difficult for United,"added the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

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