Faced with Chonburi FC, Sriwijaya FC Have No Specific Target

PALEMBANG - Still catapulted lofty target of a sense of exaggerated optimism, stronghold Sriwijaya FC in their work following the edition of the annual championship, the AFC Cup 2011, such as do not care that they're plunged into the hard cage one strong team from the White Elephant of State.

Although in the last 16 games on 25 May, bearing the club's squad Ampera Eagles must fly away to a cage match FC Chonburi, Thailand, it is never daunted.

Laskar Wong Kito solidity at stake this time to demonstrate serious motivation to pursue an initial target of one place in the semifinals. "We continue to set a target of semifinalists," said General Manager of Sriwijaya FC, Hendri Zainuddin, told reporters in Palembang, on Friday (13/05/2011).

Hendri said, after experiencing defeat three times in the last game, the team was shaky. Moreover, criticism of players blowing hard ticks Ivan Kolev-style training pattern which was considered too hard and caused many players to injury.

Management Sriwijaya FC, under the control of PT Sriwijaya Optimistic Mandiri, immediately called Kolev. The Bulgarian coach was invited to speak from heart to heart, including also held it with the players.

"This team is solid and compact player back again. Because teams captain will miss Kayamba indeed we are quite serious step, but we remain confident able to escape the round of 16," said Hendri.

Explanation Hendri ditimpali one fanatical supporters of Sriwijaya FC, namely Leslie Alie, residents who live in Kemang Sweet, Palembang.

"Good for you that if management is optimistic. We must always be optimistic. I guarantee they would fear the same SFC because of the experience of defeat in the face of Chonburi Persipura in Jayapura. Not a pre-eminent status as the team could make the SFC play off without the burden and this should be used. Please Kolev quickly find a replacement figure Kayamba to be central in the field, "said Leslie.

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