Fantastic Debut, Chicharito Salaries Rise 3 Times Fold

MANCHESTER - Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez seems to be 'impressive results' fantastic performance in his first season with Manchester United. The Mexican star is reportedly going to get a significant pay rise.

As reported the Daily Star, Saturday (14/05/2011), the Red Devils club management is considering to raise the salary of the player nicknamed 'Little Peanut Pod' this. Unmitigated, Chicharito salary reportedly going to jump up to three-fold.

In addition to the appreciation of brilliant performance, salary increase is also intended to make the striker's 22 years more comfortable grazing at Old Trafford. As is known, the latest rumors Chicharito call center becomes a serious target of three klus elite of Europe, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Valencia. El Real stronghold even reportedly ready poured funds not less than 20 million pounds to be able to get his autograph.

Currently, Chicharito who were recruited at the beginning of this season, earning £ 20,000 per week. However, starting next season, a former pillar of Chivas Guadalajara will get paid 60,000 pounds per week. Not only that, Chicharito will also get a new contract that lasted four years.

United seems aware, Chicharito gold is an asset that must be maintained. This is already evidenced by being able Chicharito scored 20 goals in his first season with the Red Devils. This petite player also often be a key figure in the game-winning United's crucial match which led United on the brink of history by winning the Premier League title to the 19th and challenge Barcelona in the Champions League final this season.

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