Fergie Convicted Again, FA Ridiculous

MANCHESTER - The threat of punishment against Sir Alex Ferguson has assessed the person as things ridiculous.

Manchester United recently re-indicted for his actions before thethe fight counter Chelsea last weekend . The man who was familiarly called Fergie likely to get punishment from the FA because it provides commentary on the election of Howard Webb to lead such a crucial match.

Source The Sun on Saturday (5/14/2011) said that Ferguson was astonished by the FA's decision. Scot could be punished even though puzzled why he threw a compliment to Webb.

"Ferguson was amazed when he heard the news. He thought the punishment from the FA was a folly, "said the source.

"Punished after praising the referee is really a very silly action," he said.

Ferguson believes the FA itself is considered to have violated rules that prohibit coaches commenting, either positively or negatively to the referee before the game. For a while he was still given time to appeal until Monday (05/16/2011) prior to 16:00 local time.

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