Fergie: Next is the champion of UEFA Champions League

Football Zone - Sir Alex Ferguson is really not satisfied after bringing Manchester United juarai Premier League. Yes, there is still unfinished business Sir Alex in the Champions League.

Not long ago Sir Alex has indeed been confirmed, although the new entered the age of 70, but he does not have plans to quit as architect of the team that has been practiced since the 1986 season.

Sir Alex was not satisfied after bringing United won the Premier League to 19 and 11 FA Cup. His desire is to pursue a degree this time champion Real Madrid's Champions League, AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, Bayern Munich and Liverpool's main rivals, who have a more European titles than the Red Devils.

"I think this is a title we want to achieve more, we should be able to do so. Moreover, we have the opportunity, by re-competing in the final fight,"said Ferguson as quoted by Reuters on Sunday (15/05/2011).

Ferguson realized how difficult chasing ninth Madrid's Champions League title. However, his ambition to win the Champions League title a fourth time is very large, when the Red Devils face Barcelona in the Champions League final, May 28.

"My expectations are always high in Europe. Because, you are certainly jealous of the success of other European teams like Real Madrid, Milan, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Ajax," added the coach berpasport Scotland.

"We tried to match the achievements of the club. For we do indeed deserve to be in that part," said Aberdeen's former architect.

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