FIFA Discuss About Line Goal Technology

ZURICH - FIFA finally look at the importance of goal line technology, which has often drawn protests. The discussion is included in the deliberation on the preparation of meeting agendas 'FIFA Football 2014 Task Force'.

The meeting was held at FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, on Tuesday (10/05/2011) local time. FIFA president Sepp Blatter chaired the meeting, which was also attended by former German national team coach Franz Beckenbauer and former retainer of Brazil Cafu.

Indeed, the meeting was to discuss latest FIFA rules which will be realized at the World Cup in Brazil, 2014. However, the polemical use of goal line technology is also included in the agenda of the meeting.

"In relation to the goal line technology, we've just published the documentation to find out the differences in technique," said Blatter, while considering the incident scored England midfielder Frank Lampard in the face of Germany in World Cup 2010.

The plan, according to Blatter, FIFA will make a final decision in 2012. "In 2012, we will make the final decision in the use of goal line technology, to test whether it can be applied in the upcoming 2014 World Cup," he said as quoted by Sportal, on Wednesday (11/05/2011).

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