Gattuso Regret Song Scudetto Incident

MILAN - Gennaro Gattuso could not remain silent with verbal attacks by Leonardo Araujo and Massimo Moratti pitched him the song's alleged insult to the former architect was AC Milan.

Gattuso considered to come sing songs which contains an insult to Leonardo. Suddenly, the attacking midfielder Leonardo and Moratti's temperament.

Both compact Gattuso considers the action performed when celebrating the 18th scudetto in Olimpico Rome was not elegant. Get a verbal attack from two retainer Nerazzurri, Gattuso, aware his actions do not deserve a professional.

Although not publicly express an apology, Gattuso admitted regret over the incident.

"I was always responsible for their own actions. This is too much expense. If you can play time, I will not repeat it again, "said Gattuso, disitat Football-Italy, on Thursday (05/11/2011).

"I realized it was not excessive and a good example for children. But it's not true also forget the context, "added the player who is familiarly called Rino.

Furthermore, Gattuso insisted did not mean to insult Leonardo. He explains only part menganyi Milanisti voiced singing. "Fans in the Curva menganyikan many songs, at least nine, and you do not hear the cries of education at the stadium,"joked Rino.

"Let me explain, I'll jump to sing with them. Fans follow us to all corners of Italy, spending a lot of money. The smallest thing we can do is say thank you, "he said.

"There are different groups of people in the Ultras. Avoiding them is a hypocrisy, "said Rino.

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