"God guided Kaka to London"

MADRID - hot news about the fate of Ricardo Kaka for next season. Real Madrid midfielder was mentioned immediately moved to one of the London club.

New speculation sticking after the Brazilian player's mother, Simone Leite wrote a message on Twitter.

"Next season we'll be in London to follow the commands of God. We were there from August, "wrote Simone Goal quoted as saying on Wednesday (05/11/2011).

Indeed, many keseimpulan to be drawn from the statement. However, a number of people translate it as a move signals a former retainer of AC Milan.

Kaka in the last two seasons does not make a major contribution Madrid. Injury problems so the main reason. Because it spreads rumors lately that he will be one of the players who sacrificed. Moreover Los Blancos also have got a player who has a similar typical with him, namely Nuri Sahin.

If correct move, then refer to the statement of the mother, suspected Kaka will join Chelsea. In addition've often been linked, the factor of proximity with coach Carlo Ancelotti could also strengthen the allegation.

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