Hercules Degraded from the Primera Division Caused DRENTHE

Football Zone - Hercules Degraded From Primera Division, This is the culprit. Soccer lover's eyes widened when the Hercules could topple Barcelona at Camp Nou (Jornada 2) and Sevilla (Jornada 5) each with a score of 2-0. Unfortunately, the glories of the club could not continue and the performance continued to deteriorate from Alicante.

As a result of Hercules in clasificacion ratings dip even further and could touch the bottom klasmen on Jornada 29. Conditions that forced the President of Hercules, Valentin Botella, bare office entrenador Esteban Vigo as Hercules.

Miroslav Djukic was appointed as the personal which is considered capable of bringing magic. Apes for the 45-year-old trainer, Hercules is an acute condition can not be saved. Results 2-2 of counter Mallorca (11 / 5) knocking on the fate of Hercules hammer to ensure themselves appear in Segunda Division next season.

Despite failing to avoid relegation, Djukic not parties deemed most responsible. Botella instead chose to mengambinghitamkan a number of players, such as Royston Drenthe.

"The behavior of Drenthe help Hercules degraded. The club has invested substantial contribution to the team and very sad," Botella said in Marca.

Botella indeed have a logical reason to express his frustration that. Non-compliance with official practice sessions and disappeared without saying goodbye seems to be a routine matter for the Dutchman's.

In fact, the club had suspected adalanya Drenthe lies in the claim of injury just before the match against Malaga (Jornada 34) early last May. Do not forget also when Hercules made the wrath of officials when Drenthe choose to exercise a strike in December.

Although fond of insubordination, still less wise it feels when a club president attributing most of the errors only on a player. Moreover, the contribution of Drenthe in the Jose Rico Perez could not be considered minimal. Four goals in the Primera Division, placing it in third position pichichi el club under David Trezeguet (11 goals) and Nelson Valdez (8 goals).

Eksepsionalnya speed on the left side of the field is also often merepotikan opponent defense. Plus, Agent SBOBET insistence to strike at that time based on the fact that he did not receive a salary a few months earlier.

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