Indonesia : Mental Sharpening Before the SEA Games National Team Selection

BATUJAJAR - Assistant coach SEA Games Satya Bagdja Ijatna recognize all members of the national team Gold Indonesia Programme Implementation Units (Satlak Prima) in the Education Center Kopassus (Pusdikpassus), Batujajar, West Bandung regency get a good experience.

"The formation of this character very well. Because, it was thought that football players are considered less disciplined. Thus this became the first test for them, "said Satya, on Saturday (14/05/2011).

In this way, says Satya, there are significant changes from the players. "Looks better their skills. By studying the balls touch, they are expected to improve the ability of prior selection of June, "he explained.

Today Only 39 players from 41 players who should follow the selection. With the new test three times, Satya Satlak Prima entrust the entire program until the end.

The national team players along with athletes from nine sports (sport branches) will follow the activities of the application in Situ Lembang, Sunday (15/05/2011). The plan, they will receive Content that is applications that highlight the mental formation.


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