Inter Milan Boycott Tim Gurem Transfer

Football Zone - Inter Milan threw a threat to the Lega Calcio. Nerazzurri states will not buy players from teams gurem Serie A if the manager insisted on dividing the average profit television broadcasts to all contestants.

The idea had been expressed boycott Inter director Ernesto Paolillo. He said five of Serie A clubs (Inter, AC Milan, Juventus, AS Roma and Napoli) can agree to not bring players from other Serie A clubs with the intention of limiting the revenue in the transfer market.

"It can be extended up to the transfer market. We will agree to do the transaction fellow big club, "said Paolillo.

"If 15 other clubs to take money out of 5 great club, then we will not buy a player from them. A loss because it could hamper the source of funds, "he said as quoted Goal on Saturday (14/05/2011).

Profit sharing evenly broadcast television is now a warm discussion. Five big club is not happy with these brand-new policy because they feel much more potential with a broad fan base.

Before Inter, Juventus are also already declared keberatannnya. Even the club which is now led by Andrea Agnelli threatened to leave the Serie A if the decision is not annulled by the parties concerned.

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