J.S Park Dreamed of the UEFA Champions League Trophy

Football Zone - Reaching the Champions League final tasting opportunity is not an easy matter for even the top players. For Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung could play let alone be a winner on Saturday, could be the best moments throughout his career.

United's Champions League exit as champions in 2008, defeating Chelsea in the final. But when it is, Ji Sung is not included in the squad, Sir Alex Ferguson. Opportunities appear in the final came when United's new deal with Barca, 2009 in United sprawl Roma.Namun this time beaten by two goals without reply Massey et al.

"If I had the opportunity fruitful results, perhaps the result will be another. But that does not terjadi.Kami conceded, the game changed and we lost a little concentration. It's hard which is worse for my 2008 or 2009, "said Park Ji-Sung, as quoted Goal, Thursday (26/05/2011).

"But now I get another chance to play in the finals and win. It would be a perfect moment for me. I can not wait anymore. If I play and win, it will be the best moment in my career, "said Ji Sung.

This season Park emerged as an important pillar of the Red Devils. Stamina and his fighting spirit that never loose in the field, makes Sir Alex Ferguson does not shrink it down in the starting line-up. The problem, the injury time to hand over passports Korean players in the early years so that he forced many to opt out on the bench.

Faced with Barca, Ji Sung who was determined to remove all the energy he has and follow all instructions coaches.

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