Kim Kurniawan Comfortable Trained Special Forces

BANDUNG - courtier National Team (Caps) SEA Games Football Kim Kurniawan said happily follow the activities of Prima Implementation Units in Batujajar, West Bandung regency. Malang Persema players got significant experience on the formation of character though led by Kopassus.

Kim said, in a briefing given Kopassus, he demanded to shape the character. "We all felt it was important to take mental and physical exercise. It must get out of here nice and I do not feel worried," said Kim met in Pusdikpassus, Batujajar, Wednesday (11/05/2011).

Although educated with military material, Kim pleaded not saturated everyday life in Pusdikpassus. "Most just hard to get up at 4 am. But being here I do not feel bored. adequate facilities that are here," he explained.

With a cool climate Batujajar, Kim denied if he cares to live in a dormitory. "I'm used to cold air in Batujajar. But with a regular meal in the end we were getting used to," he explained.

Kim hopes, with the activity in Batujajar, the SEA Games squad is able to do much in Palembang, South Sumatra, in November.

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