The legend of El Real (Alfredo Di Stefano) Support Mourinho

MADRID - Jose Mourinho's presence in the increasingly desperate Real Madrid, because of its failure to bring in the arena of champions Real Madrid La Liga and Champions League. However, it did not dampen the support of the Los Blancos legend Alfredo di Stefano on The Special One.

Critics of the scheme blends and Mourinho feud with Director General El Real, Jorge Valdano always decorate the news media. Although the position of the Portuguese coach of urgency, comes a legend of support from Los Blancos, Alfredo di Stefano for Mourinho.

"I did not make a decision, but the directors know what they're doing. I believe Mourinho had to endure, he did a very good job, "said Di Stefano as disitat of Goal, Saturday (05/14/2011).

Honorary president of Real Madrid had a chance to criticize the tactics used by counter-attack when met Barcelona coach Mourinho. But now her turn to support achievement of the former Inter Milan coach.

"I do not believe he has failed. We won the title (Copa del Rey), a nice trip in the league and do well in Europe. We are among the best and you can not always win. Mou I want to succeed and achieve many titles, "he said.

Alfredo Di Stefano is not a random figure in Real Madrid, and his support would strengthen the position of Jose Mourinho. Real Madrid is now perched in the top two of La Liga standings with 86 points, six points behind Barcelona who have won the championship this season.

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