Liverpool Give New Contracts For Dalgish

LIVERPOOL - Liverpool Management is very satisfied with the performance of Kenny Dalglish. The Reds give a gift new contract over the next three years.

Yes, Dalglish took the assignment from the previous coach Roy Hodgson in January. At that time, Liverpool was ranked 12th Premier League standings, four points from the relegation zone.

Now, Liverpool is ranked fifth Premier League standings, so the chance to perform at the Europa League next season. Besides Dalglish, Liverpool also extend the contract an assistant coach Steve Clarke for three years.

"It's an award for achievements that have been done. This achievement not only by me, but also thanks to Clarke's assistant, Sammy Lee, the players and everyone at the club, including the owners," said Dalglish told Reuters on Friday (13 / 5 / 2011).

"At the beginning of our work to say, if we all unite and work together, then this makes it easy to get good results and I think that's the main reason why Liverpool's achievement increases,"continued the coach nicknamed King Kenny

Meanwhile, Liverpool's director of football Damien Comoli Kenny King praising the performance finished and Clarke. With the help of Dalglish and Clarke, the Reds managed to rank fifth in the Premier League standings this season.

"Dalglish is very familiar with the players, especially the old stars like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Dalglish also know that there are quality young players at Liverpool academy," he said.

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