Liverpool Ready to Bring Duo South Korea Midfielder

LIVERPOOL - Season coming to an end, the teams chasing the Premier League began a new effort for next season. Various European Countries and South America into the land search of new talents, not least Liverpool had to move before the transfer market opens.

This time, the Reds explore the Asian market. Two South Korean midfielder (ROK) to offer loan contracts to try out the Premier League. Is Kim Yoo Son (16) and Park Hyeon Jim (18), which will undergo trials in treating the skin round in plain English.

As reported by, Wednesday (5/11/2011), they will arrive at Anfield next weekend, and will be placed at the Liverpool academy and try to develop the ability to impress the coach, Kenny Dalglish.

Liverpool bring Yoo Hyeon Son and Jim because both are considered as a potential South Korean teenagers in the future. If you can maximize the golden opportunity, it is not impossible they will follow the footsteps senior, Manchester United midfielder Park Ji Sung, who is the most successful Asian player, after Cha Bum Kum and Park Doo Ik.

"I grew up as a fan and this will be a special occasion for me," Kim said on Liverpool's official website.

Meanwhile, a younger colleague, Park Hyeon Jim said he did not believe would keempatan given to him to travel to Merseyside.

"I do not believe what I saw when I was shown a letter stating I would go to Liverpool. I am very happy and often wake up at night, can not wait to get going, "added Jim.

"In my home country, I can only dream of an opportunity like this. Now, I live my dream and there are no words to describe my feelings, "he concluded.

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