Madrid Win, Karanka Give Flattery

MADRID - Real Madrid managed to show impressive charm through the game when met Getafe. Unmitigated, four goals without reply Azulones successfully nested into the goal.

Ciamik appearance of the giants of this capital city immediately won praise from Aitor Karanka. Without doubt, assistant coach Jose Mourinho has also praised the greatness of Christiano Ronaldo, who scored a hat trick.

"This year, we proved that the team does not suffer, regardless of whoever is playing. There is no better motivation for our players to wear costumes in addition to the club, "said Karanka as disitat of Goal, on Wednesday (05/11/2011).

"Ronaldo's record was impressive, and its quality allows him to do this, even more so. This is also the result of hard work the whole team, which also produces an impressive record this season, "he added.

El Real is now still in the hunt for the championship, although Barcelona only need one more point to lock the title. Sitting in second place standings with 89 points, seemed to make Los Blancos have to be prepared to see the La Liga trophy back to the Catalan.

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