Manchester United Jersey Next Season

Football Zone - Manchester United has officially released the jersey their brand-new for next season. Broadly speaking there are no striking differences with those used by Wayne Rooney et al in this season.

According to the release received Football Zone from Nike as official kit sponsor of the club was nicknamed the Red Devils, Wednesday (25/05/2011) Latest cage jersey is still inspired by the club's traditional colors of red, white and black, which is then combined with the pattern of history's iconic club very prominent.

In the body of this jersey with the traditional red-cut crew neck collar is white with black stripe in the middle which is a replica of the design lines are very iconic scarf club, which never appeared in United's jerseys in the past, including when he won the FA Cup in 1977 and 1985, and there are also behind when winning the Champions League and Premier League in season 2008.

Scarf lines that retro was in an instant into a pattern of United's known, appreciating for the fans and players both in celebration and when recalled.

Inside the front of the shirt and, just behind the club's symbol, printed "Relentless" (I will not Give Up), which perfectly illustrates United's hard work to reach success and a strong desire to consistently win trophies great for a football club.

While history and tradition of the club comes with a very strong in Jersey design, the whole jersey itself is made from recycled Nike Polyester is very famous, and which first made for the shirt and pants.

On the back of the Jersey, the back of the neck there is a small red demon is taken from the symbol of the club, and the inside reads "Manchester United"

While history and tradition of the club present at the jersey design, jersey new cage made from recycled polyester famous Nike, which for the first time be made to jerseys and pants.

Each set of costumes made from 13 recycled plastic bottles. This new manufacturing process that can reduce energy use by 30% compared with traditional polyester manufacturing process and has saved nearly 100 million plastic drink bottles not to be disposed of in landfills.

Pants in a white costume entirely cage except for a small woven label on the collar, which also featured black and white lines of the line scarf United.

And socks costume cage entirely black with small white colored devil picture taken from the club emblem on the calf, with red lines, white and black at the top.

This lightweight costume (13% lighter than previous versions) actively regulate body temperature in the field to preserve their players stay dry and cool all the time through technology Nike Dry-Fit. This technology can draw perspiration from the player's body through the sweat evaporate the material.

Body temperature regulation is also assisted by the ventilation zone, which consists of hundreds of holes cut by laser from the armpits to the waist, which enables air circulation that helps keep players dry, cool and comfortable.

For the first time the club emblem on the shirt is made with the ability to distribute the heat, making it lighter and is crucial to create a well-ventilated area. In this season jerseys has the latest aerodynamic fit, slimmer and more athletic, enabling stretching up to 17% of the jerseys used in Barcelona 2 years ago. While the collar that blends give the appearance of a seam that can reduce the irritation due to friction.

Completing the jersey home match United's new shirt Nike also launched a series of exercises (training) and lifestyle for the players and their fans that can be used in the field or outside the field.

Jerseys and the circuit can be obtained in all outlets of Nike since May 24, 2011.

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