Mancini Happy Can Make History

Football Zone - Win 1-0 Stoke City at the time met in the final of the FA Cup, Manchester City, practically making the title. A positive result is of course growing happiness in The Citizens coach, Roberto Mancini, who scored his team history after fasting title since 1976 last.

Ex-architect is to join Inter Milan as coach of The Eastlands since December 2009. Blend this team with series star player and under pressure to clinch the title, Mancini is now able to reap the results of her hard work.

"I can only say that I am very happy today. I am happy for all the fans because after all these years, finally they deserve to win a trophy, "he said as disitat of Goal, Sunday (15/05/2011).

What coach says Ancona, Italy is indeed true, inasmuch as the City fans had to wait 35 years to get this coveted trophy. Can provide happiness and making history certainly feels very meaningful to Mancini.

"We dominated the game. We were not lucky in the first half, but the players was fantastic this afternoon. I think we still need to grow, but today I am really happy. Today is a piece of history from Manchester City. We want to start now, "he said.

The Citizens winning goal by Yaya Toure of the chaos in front of goal Stoke City. In addition to winning the FA Cup, the City also is certain to qualify for the Champions League qualification because it is ranked fourth Premier League with 65 points.

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