Neville: Chicharito Can Make 100 Gol

MANCHESTER - Gary Neville has full confidence to the figure of Manchester United's young striker Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez. Defender who has declared this pension believes, Chicharito able to score 100 goals for the Red Devils.

Chicharito open its inaugural season with United with a brilliant appearance. Had doubt at the beginning of his arrival, a tiny 22-year attacker is able to give precise answers. Chicharito able to quickly adapt to the fast playing style typical of the Premier League.

More than that, Chicharito also been able to become one of United's major mainstay in breaking into the opponent's goal. Mexican international striker has so far been repacking of 13 goals from 14 games he played in the Premier League. In total, from all competitions he plays, 'The Little Bean Pod' has packed 20 goals.

Looking at the direct productivity Chicharito shown on his debut, Neville looked forward to the bomber who carried off from Chivas Guadalajara at the start of this season. 36-year veteran defender is even convinced that, within the next few seasons, Chicharito still going to be a mainstay for United in scoring.

"From the beginning, this is quite obvious when you have been in the club for a long time, you will understand a player who has a special quality," Neville said as quoted Tribalfootball, Saturday (04/15/2011).

"He (Hernandez) was the first to arrive at the training center, to the gym and always work harder than you do normally. He's clearly a hardworking person, he understands the language (body) teammate and a great talent in front of goal, "he continued.

"I came to, he could almost be confused with Ole Gunnar Sollksjaer and you can see why they have the same mentality. You already may know, players like they always come to the field to score. And I'm sure he will score 100 goals for Manchester United when he decided to stay at the club a long time, "he added.

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