Palermo to the Europa League, Juventus at the End of Horn

Palermo - Palermo Success one ticket won the Coppa Italia final will automatically make them compete in the Europa League next season. This means disaster for Juventus.

Palermo will face Inter Milan in the final to be held at the Olimpico, Rome, 29 May. As diketahu Coppa Italia winner will get a chance to appear in the Europa League.

Given Inter certainly appear in the Champions League next season, then a quota Europa League will be given to Palermo. If they did qualify for the highest competition Continents Club Blue, the division of tickets valid Europa League as applicable, namely the team that finished in the top five, six and seven.

But, given the provisions of the Serie A that Palermo was the one who will pitch to the Europa League, then the two remaining would be taken by the club who occupy positions five and six at the end of the season, as reported by Football-Italy, on Thursday (12/05/2011).

That is, this is bad news for Juventus who is now ranked seven of the standings with a value of 57, a deficit of three points from AS Roma and Lazio, who finished five-six.

If the Bianconeri until the end of the competition was unable to crawl to a position five or six, then Alessandro Del Piero et al certainlywill not be compete in the European arena .

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