Persebaya 1927 vs Persema, War Sentiment

MALANG - The dispute Persebaya 1927 versus Persema Malang, Sunday (5/15/2011), will evoke the old sentiment of Surabaya-Malang. When no longer searena with Arema FC, 1927 Bonekmania Persebaya supporters would vent their sentiments to Persema Malang, team shirts Arema.

Malang-Surabaya feud was never extinguished. Even when Persebaya 1927 with no sekompetisi Arema FC, unremitting rivalry. In fact, sentiment is no longer limited to the supporters club, but spread to regional aspects.

Well, Persema who become enemies is predicted not escape this time from the 'invasion' in Gelora Bonekmania November 10. Kubu Laskar Ken Arok, nicknames Persema, well aware of this and see no problem over the explosion of the old sentiment.

"Malang and Surabaya always compete when talking football. Incidentally now have to face Persebaya Persema. I believe that sentiment is still there and Bonekmania will provide extraordinary pressure for this team, "said Timo Scheunemann, the savior tactic Persema Malang.

Timo admitted his team prepared to face these pressures are still within the limits as far as sportsmanship. He wants the game run fairly and smoothly, both inside and outside the field. Understandably, competition is heating up Persema-Persebaya fight each other due to chance his position atop the standings.

Bloody German coach was also declared his team would look like the final fight in Tambaksari tomorrow. "There is still a home game in the second round later. But it is very important and should be considered equivalent to the final game, "he continued.

Realizing his team would be difficult to surpass difficult Andik Vermansyah aggressiveness and his colleagues, Timo still tolerate the series. One point at home to teams with the domain's biggest supporters thinks LPI stage at a very reasonable result.

Already bear the burden of playing in front of Bonekmania, Timo did not want to add weight to determine that the target was too grandiose. "We want to play loose and not depressed. So the team should be separated from the heavy burden, because in the field later they've got the pressure, "he said.

Meanwhile, team captain admitted Persema Persema Milky Way will require hard work to balance the game Persebaya. Observing the development of Persebaya so far, according to Aji Santoso good farm team in attack and survive.

"I will assess the strength of equal and both teams will work harder. Persebaya have equal strength and are difficult to anticipate the visitors. But we also have shown to have quality. Without Irfan (Bachdim) Persema sure my still tough, "said the captain.

The loss of Irfan Bachdim sanctioned red card will force Timo create new scenarios. Namely menduetkan Reza Mustafa by Han Sang Min. This duo had a very positive contribution when Irfan Bachdim Persema lost due to injury.

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