Persema Persebaya Without Face Charges

MALANG - Malang Persema without the burden of trying to perform when challenged Persebaya 1927 in Gelora 10 November, Sunday (05/15/2011). This was done because the parties are considered to be under pressure even host.

Coach Persema Timo Scheunemann said the team did not deserve to be under pressure despite playing in front Bonekmania. The reason, Laskar Ken Arok's not too grandiose in setting targets and are in better position than the pickpocket Ijo.

"We're not under pressure. Precisely Persebaya more appropriate under pressure as they are required to win if you want to pursue Persema," said Timo. Nevertheless, the recognition is not easy to arrange mental Tambaksari.

Persema will face the biggest supporters throughout the stage Premier League Indonesia (LPI) this season. Domains such great fans have never faced Persema that actually has a minimal number of supporters.

When the quality of teams being equal, then Bonekmania could be a plus for Persebaya. Timo is also not rejected if the host is much more favored than the status of his team standings leader LPI.

"Persebaya have everything for the underdog. They are the host, there are big fans, also the quality of a good team. For me no problem. Because of the underdog, Persebaya increasingly have the burden," said Germany coach this bloody relaxed.

In preparation before the classical duel later, Timo stay prepare substitute Irfan Bachdim sanctioned match ban. Apparently, just look at a chart for each player, Reza Mustafa most likely to occupy the position of Irfan.

Apart from the loss of Irfan, a number of factors are more aligned to Persebaya. Aji Santoso care team throughout the competition more fierce LPI with a surplus of more goals than Persema.

Pickpocket Ijo also always scored at least two goals when it appeared before the Bonekmania. Statistics can be a picture for Persema that they not only need to score goals, but also play an extra discipline.

Meanwhile, team captain Persema mangatakan Milky Way is like the final game while the winner will not necessarily be a champion of LPI. To be sure, the winning team will get benefit from the self-confidence.

"Big and important game. Persebaya has many advantages, but Persema also have an opportunity to win. I hope our players are not nervous with the pressure from supporters," said Bima.

Threats groggy thought very possible, given the many inhabited Persema young players. If players can mengandalikan themselves, the institute believes his team can win at least one point and secure the top position.

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