Ranocchia: Inter Targeted Treble-Mini

MILAN - Andrea Ranocchia reluctant to lament the failure of Inter Milan retain the title they have won the treble winners last season. Newer Nerazzurri defender this rate, his team won the treble is still a chance this season despite a smaller scale.

Defender who brought from Genoa in the middle of the season is declared, ambitious team became champions in the Coppa Italia this season. Bek tall 23-year rate, with success in the Coppa title, then this season Inter still won the treble-mini, after previously winning the Club World Cup and Super Coppa Italia.

"We are targeting the treble-mini. Coppa Italia title will be our third title this season, "added Ranocchia motivate his colleagues to be able to beat Palermo in the final of the Coppa Italia this season.

"The competition this season are quite positive for us. This season, Milan's scudetto possibly can, but we will try to capture it in the next season, "he continued cited Football-Italy, on Saturday (05/14/2011).

Furthermore, on this occasion his full commitment Ranocchia also confirmed with the Nerazzurri. Italian national team defender, admits a lot of valuable lessons from his colleagues, especially the seniors on defense.

"I have a lot of references in Inter. Marco Materazzi for example. We often exchange short messages, even when I have not joined, "he continued.

"I am very comfortable playing alongside Lucio. Then, there's Walter Samuel. Their performance was fantastic, especially when guarding the opponent. So, this is one science that I can take from them. While Maicon also impressed me with how he ran up and down keeping pertahahan while helping the attack, "he added.

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