"Remove Ancelotti, Big Mistake!"

LONDON - Existence as Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti was piqued. According to the Blues legend Ray Wilkins, a big mistake if you eventually remove the giant West London Don Carletto only for reasons fasting title this season.

Yes, Chelsea are almost certain to fail to maintain a double degree, the Premier League and FA Cup, which reached the final last season. In the FA Cup, John Terry et al have to give up the trophy contested Manchester City and Stoke City in the final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday (14/05/2011) later.

While in the midst of the Premier League, the Roman Emperor remained in second place standings with 76 points, nicks, or left behind six points from Manchester United who stay in the top. Anxiety peaked when competition just two games remaining, in which United need a point to ensure themselves as champions.

More indicative of the fact, speculation Ancelotti's departure from Stamford Bridge increasingly widespread. But if the rumors were true, according to Wilkins, Chelsea have made a big mistake.

"I do not think Chelsea need a radical change," said Wilkins. "But they really need new players to give a refresher in the squad," he continued.

"Big changes, starting from the coach, would be a wrong step. Chelsea have the core players and I know, many are concerned about their age. But trust me, the level of fitness is much more important, "Wilkins said as quoted by the BBC on Wednesday (05/11/2011).

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