Rooney: I'm Glad MU Beyond Liverpool

Manchester United finally register themselves as the most successful club in the Premier League. Results 1-1 draw against Blackburn Rovers was enough to bring the Red Devils won the English League title to the 19.

The excitement was felt by the retainer of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is no exception. For Rooney feels special title because his team could pass Liverpool's record, the most hated club Rooney childhood.

"For me that is an Everton fan, could win the title of the 19th is a wonderful feeling, as well as for the whole team, fans and the whole club," said Rooney.

Rooney himself is a hero when faced with Blackburn. Penalty goal to make MU finally clinched his. Because of the importance of these goals, Rooney admitted the fear when it would take the penalty kick.

"I was scared. The referee took a long time to give the (penalty). I should be able to calm myself. I have been practicing this all week, "said Rooney.

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