Sharpness Analysis Cristiano Ronaldo in La Liga : CR7 Using Philosophy Salesman

Football Zone - Analysis Sharpness in La Liga Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 Using Philosophy Salesman. Ever heard of the philosophy of a salesman? Here it said: the more often the rejection, then increasingly dekatlah with success.

Simply this, suppose the average time per every 10-cuap bercuap offer merchandise sold there is one. Well, when it rejected nine times, is not very likely merchandise will be purchased by following people who ditawwari?

Believe it or not, the Real Madrid winger, Cristiano Ronaldo, it applies the principle of similar work. Eits, do not trigger upset. In fact this method of salesmen who make a step CR7 record its history.

When holding on the provisions of FIFA and RFEF that last goal in a 2-1 victory cons Madrid Sociedad in the third Jornada registered in the name Pepe, the new CR7 collecting 38 goals and not 39 as written Marca. At that time, Ronaldo's free kick the ball turned and zoomed in after hitting the body Pepe.

Forget for a moment the controversy. With the number 38 though, Ronaldo was listed as the third player in history, after Telmo Zarra (1950/51) and Hugo Sanchez (1989/90), which can collect as many goals in La Liga in season event. With one match remaining, CR7 has a great opportunity through the second last name.

CR7 seem to understand correctly that the goal can not be created if no shots were fired into the opponent's goal. Every play, 26-year-old player was on and continue to kick off in order to get a goal. He may think 10 times shoot cook none of the goals. Sounds like the salesman, is not it?

See statistical notes winger in La Liga this season. Until last week, former Manchester United are already off 238 shots toward the goal. By doing so, create a percentage score 38 goals scored against firing only 15.96%.

Of the total 238 shots, 95 of which leads right into the opponent's goal. That is, the percentage of shots on goal against goaljuga not so patent, only 40%.

If surgery is in again, right foot into the most deadly weapon with a record 26 goals. A total of 8 pieces printed through the left leg, while the 4 remaining via header. In addition, 11 goals CR7 setelaj created utilizing assists from midfield tandem German origin, Mesut Oezil, who this season was just listed a total of 17 assists in the Spanish League.

Well, CR7 greatness not only seen in open play. Madeira-born player is also good at utilizing the ball dead. In addition to a record 100% in eight penalty kick in La Liga, the CR7 is a dead ball main executor of Los Blancos.

Greatness is seen during a 3-1 win over Villarreal last week. A pair of goals in the care of Jose Mourinho's team created through the beautiful free-kick CR7.

Oh yes, did you know that the acceleration of the star's free-kick more powerful than the F1 car? According to University research Coruna, dead ball kicks CR7 able to go up to 119 km / h or about 32 m / sec alias acceleration well above the pole position in figure 4.6 m / sec.
Sign Week Gol CR7 in La Liga 2010/11:

Opponent Jornada Keterangan4 Total Goals Espanyol 1 Cage
6 Deportivo La Coruna 2 Cage
7 Malaga 2 Away
8 Racing Santander 4 Enclosure
9 Hercules 2 Away
12 Athletic Bilbao 3 Cage
14 Valencia 2 Cage
15 Real Zaragoza 1 Away
Getafe 17 Away 2
Villarreal 18 3 Cage
22 Real Sociedad 2 Cage
26 Malaga 3 Cage
31 Athletic Bilbao 1 Away
32 Atletico Madrid 1 Cage
4 Sevilla 35 Away
3 Getafe 36 Away
37 Villarreal 2 Away

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