These are the 3 teams relegated from the EPL 2010/2011

Football Zone - These are the 3 Degraded Into Which EPL team League Championship. Done already busy English Premier League this season. Manchester United emerged as champions while the bottom three teams in the final standings should be degraded.

Three teams are Birmingham, Blackpool and West Ham United. The latter team had confirmed themselves down to the League Championship last week.

Birmingham fail to win the last fight which caused them to be thrown into a lower division. Faced with Tottenham Hotspur, Birmingham lost 1-2.

Of the 38 matches, Birmingham had 39 points and was ranked 18th. Only one point adrift of Wolves which was ranked 17.

Blackpool who both had 39 points in the ranking of 19 in the final standings. They also have 39 points but lost on goal difference than Birmingham. At the last party, Blackpool lost 2-4 at home to Manchester United.

West Ham who occupy the bottom of the table just got 33 points. Throughout the season they won just 7 times. In the final match, West Ham lost to Sunderland 0-3.

Currently only two teams who have passed promotion to the Premier League that is Queens Park Rangers and Norwich City. One team again will be contested by Swansea City and Reading on the final play-off next May 30.

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