This achievement Pep Guardiola on Barcelona

Football Zone - This achievement Pep Guardiola on Barcelona. Public football world may argue for menentikan whether Pele or Diego Maradona who deserve to be called the greatest football legends of all time. However, for Barcelona, ​​Hendrik Johannes Cruyff figure is the number one idol.

As a player, Cruyff was only offered one La Liga titles and the Copa Del Rey. Barcelonistas love more because Cruyff once said to the European media that he would prefer Barca than the eternal rival, Real Madrid.

Cruyff's own history on the new patented catalan team when on duty as a coach. With 11 trophies, including the first Champions League crown for Barca in 1992, Cruyff was asked as no doubt the best manager in the history of the club.

The legacy of Cruyff's not just a degree. Philosophy of total football dream team for the title plus the squad when it is enduring contribution that is still celebrated Agent ball until now.

Cruyff seagung difficult quest for Barca. Not because Blaurgana never again have great players. Andoni Zubizarreta, Michael Laudrup, Ronald Koeman, Hristo Stoichkov, Romario Rivaldo, Luis Enrique, they are all big players in team history, but still not good enough aligned with Cruyff.

Well, the wait is now over. Barcelona have found a new legend, or at least be on the right track to become immortal legend. He was the alias Pep Guardiola Josep Guardiola, Barcelona current coach who happens to be the direct upbringing Cruyff.

Pep even arguably already past his mentor. Of course, if the benchmark is taken from the number of trophies alone. As costumed Blaurgana for 11 seasons, Pep offered 16 crowns champions.

Six of the title ditorehkannya in the arena of La Liga. Pep In addition, there are only two names of other Barca players who never won a similar achievement, namely Antoni Ramallets (1947-1960) and Xavi (1997-present).

Greatness Pep up at the Los Cules architect seats. In domestic competitions, Pep swept three titles since it first became coach in 2008/09.

That is, Pep has an important contribution to the nine titles in La Liga Barca. This is really exceptional considering the Catalan team earned only eleven titles in the last 20 years.

Throughout his career train, Pep is now collecting nine crown. And that's still probably increase if Lionel Messi cs won the Champions League final this season in two weeks.

Total 25 degrees already offered Pep for Azulgrana, either as player or coach. The amount is past the incision Miguel Munoz, who presented nine trophies as a player Madrid (1948-1958) and 14 titles as coach of the Los Blancos (1959-1974).

Pep Guardiola following achievements in Barcelona:
A. As a player (1990-2001)
La Liga trophy (6 times): 1990/91, 1991/92, 1992/93, 1993/94, 1997/98, 1998/99.
Trophy Copa Del Rey (2 times): 1996/97, 1998/99.
Spanish Super Cup (4 times): 1991, 1992, 1994, 1996.
Cup Champion (1 time): 1991/92.
Cup Winner (1 time): 1996/97.
European Super Cup (2 times): 1992, 1997.
B. As a coach (2008 -...)
La Liga trophy (3 times): 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11.
Trophy Copa Del Rey (1 time): 2009.
Spanish Super Cup (2 times): 2009, 2010.
League Champion (1 time): 2009.
European Super Cup (1 time): 2009.
Club World Cup (1 time): 2009.

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