This is the decision of FIFA Top Failure PSSI Indonesia Selects New ChairmanThis is the decision of FIFA Top Failure PSSI Indonesia Selects New Chairman

Football zone - This is the decision of FIFA Top Failure Indonesia Selects New Chairman of the PSSI. The fate of Indonesia is still survived, after FIFA still give one more chance hold the congress to choose a new chairman PSSI. The assurance was conveyed by the Chairman of the Normalization Committee, Agum Gumelar who has met with representatives of FIFA, Thierry Regenass, in Zurich today, May 30, 2011.

"To Indonesia FIFA gives an opportunity to resolve the issue through Congress no later than June 30. If it until June 30, has not been successful (completing the Congress and to choose a new chairman), then as of July 1 will be suspended automatically Indonesia," said Agum.

This is the third time FIFA tolerate the failure of Indonesia to hold Congress PSSI. The first was on March 26 in Pekanbaru. And then the memories are still fresh in on 20 May in Jakarta, which is then covered Agum after arising riot.

"The yes we have been given this opportunity but still too Agents Best Ball set it aside. We expect the government to support an active role for Congress will be going well," said Agum.

Agum came to Zurich with the Acting Secretary General of PSSI Joko Driyono. Agum said his return later to Indonesia, he would engage in dialogue with all circles of football including the George Toisutta and Arifin Panigoro.

Two people with the full support of the Group of 78 insisted to join the stock selection of Chairman and Vice Chairman. Though FIFA has asserted repeatedly that they plus Nurdin Halid and Nirwan Bakrie prohibited participate.

"About four candidates could not be confirmed last (election) by FIFA. It is final and must be followed," said Agum.

The result of the decision of FIFA, is very pleasant news for a number of agenda Indonesian national team will keep running. Therefore, to all high-ranking PSSI we hope for a chance to think wisely held by the FIFA congress for the last time later to produce a new Chairman of the PSSI.

Go Indonesian .......

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