UEFA Champions League Final 2010/2011: Kick And Rush vs. Tiki Taka

Football Zone - Final Champions League 2010/2011: Kick And Rush vs. Tiki Taka. 2010/2011 Champions League final match which brought Manchester United vs. Barcelona will be presenting two different style of football. Giovanni Trapattoni to assess two different styles will be presented at Wembley on Saturday (05/28/2011).

Style nan tough or strong football famous by the term "kick and rush" will be carried on a typical British United, and a beautiful symphony of tiki-taka Barca will be retained as their identity, such opinion was coach of the Republic of Ireland.

"This isis the final, which presents the two best teams in Europe . From a technical standpoint, both teams are different, the Anglo-Saxon team a very strong team to face Barcelona is rich in imagination and brilliant technique, "he told Uefa's official website.

"Manchester United has a special character of England. They are usually full of skill, but it is also tough. On the other hand, Barcelona featuring beautiful game and I think when Barcelona play their own style of football, they will win the title. "

"Nevertheless, based on experience, I think in the match 90 minutes like this, Agent ball anything can happen," he added.

"The difference between winning and losing in a high level like this can be determined by the Agent Best Ball smallest error or a loose concentration a little."

"It is important for both teams to Agent Judi Ball takes the right approach. This depends on confidence in the ability to own or fear making mistakes. "

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