Valdano: Stop Criticizing Mourinho!

MADRID - Real Madrid General Director Jorge Valdano ask Jose Mourinho to stop criticizing. Valdano commemorate Mou to focus only on the field.

Mourinho is known coach controversy. Some words often trigger emotional opponent. Lastly, he quarrels with the faction involved in post-eliminated Barcelona in the Champions League.

Mou also have to pay dearly for his actions are. Disciplinary Commission (Komdis) UEFA imposed a ban eventually accompany the club on the European scene over the past five games.

Seeing the consequences that must be received The Special One, Valdano asked the entrenador reduce sharply criticize his habit.

"It's important for Mourionho set aside time and reduce the criticism," said Valdano told Marca, the Madrid Getafe arrested on Wednesday (5/11/2011) early morning hrs.

The statement reinforced by comments Valdano spokesman Eladio Parames. Parames even asserted that the right to speak is Valdano.

"Valdano is a spokesperson for Real Madrid, not Mourinho," he said, as quoted by Goal, Thursday (05/12/2011).

Comments are tossed two high-ranking Los Blancos immediately raised speculation the future of The Special One 'at the Santiago Bernabeu. After asking many sharp comments to the stronghold of Barcelona, Mourinho has received numerous criticisms from a number of coaches.

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